Business Consulting

"One Cannot Think Well, Love Well, Sleep Well...If One Has Not Dined Well." - Virginia Woolf

BDH Consultants is committed to collaboration and bringing your vision to life. Our role is to share our collective fifty plus years of experience in every phase of F&B business development and profitable operation so you can confidently face the challenges that can impede success. Our team will guide you to invoke the magic that will make your restaurant memorable - distinctive food and beverages, an energized and motivated team happy to be of service, and experiences that produce a connection with everyone they touch.

The most important factor in a successful F&B business is a culture of trust amongst the entire staff. Management directives from corporate executives are often ignored...or worse. Open communication, collaboration, brainstorming, and working together builds a culture of trust and respect. The end result is an F&B brand with loyal employees, loyal customers, and bigger margins.

Since 2008, our team has worked at all levels of the F&B industry: from bootstrapping our own seven figure food concepts to working for several of the largest corporations in the world, we have seen it all. Whether you're developing your go-to-market strategy, optimizing existing operations, or planning for expansion, let our hands-on experience and proven methods drive your success.

Services Include:

  • New Concept Development

  • Operational Assessment

  • Analysis and Implementation of New Technologies

  • Franchise Growth Development

  • Leadership Training